60/30/10 Color Theory


Color Theory

Borrowing techniques from other design forms is great practice for thinking outside the box! Considering an interior design rule of thumb, the 60/30/10 color palette is a great guide to getting the perfect color balance.

60/30/10 is a simple formula using a foundation of 60% subtle hue to set the mood while 30% is a moderate tone that creates personality. The remaining 10% acts as the accent color, adding excitement to the piece.

John Solimine Poster

The Fitz and The Tantrums Poster by John Solimine is a great example of this practical theory. The base color is a warm neutral giving a vintage feel. Using turquoise as the secondary color coincides the retro styled illustration and vintage base color. Tangerine orange highlights smaller features making every aspect equal in attention.

Mix up your next project by testing out this theory! Or try referencing architecture before designing your next layout!

Design happy!


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