Letterpress at The Arm in Brooklyn, NY


Letterpress 1

This Sunday I took a class on Letterpressing at The Arm letterpress studio in Brooklyn, NY. I first visited the studio with a friend and fellow designer Adam Junod of Atom Farm and co-creator of Pregnant Minds. I was in total admiration of The Arm, with its obscure hand printed posters on the wall and drawers and drawers of wooden and metal type that hold so much history.

I knew I had to be a part of this newly revived trade in design and set up a class. At the end of the lesson I knew why I was so attracted to this practice. It's because letterpress is handmade with a professional end result, not like if you were to hand carve a wood block and try to print it. It's beautiful, clean and gratifying.

The print shown above was done on the C&P Pilot press with metal glyphs. I wanted my first metal print to be perfect so I spent about 30-45 minutes setting the type and it was worth the diligence (or as much diligence as a beginner can have). I absolutely love letterpressing and am going back in a few days to print more.

Check out The Arm if you're in New York. If you are out of state, find another studio in your area. It's a trade worth trying!

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Some Sage Advice


Live In Love

Some sage advice and a good new years resolution to be mindful of, live your life in love. See everyone as a creative partner. Be accepting of yourself and honor every idea you're given by bringing it to light. Enjoy the place you are in right now and ask yourself what you can do to make yourself happier.

Live in love and be the change.

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