Caswell Massey Classics

Caswell Massey Botanicals

Caswell Massey: Classics & Botanicals

Art directed by Chad Lavigne LLC, this classics and botanical fragrance line for Caswell Massey is modernized and completely redesigned packaging to broaden the consumer base and give the company a fresher look. Lauren assisted in conceptual decisions, illustration, typography continuing into production and finalization.

Gingersnaps Organic

Gingersnap's Organic

Gingersnap's Organic is an artisan raw food restaurant with a natural utilitarian branding style. These to-go packages enhance the brand identity of this delicious East Village gem with weathered font and a simple stamp like layout.

Handmade Tea

Handmade Tea

Handmade Tea is a monthly subscription to a loose leaf tea variation. Lamington Brew is a oolong blend flavored after the lamington cake, popular in Australia. The lamington cake is a cake square covered in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes. Illustrated in this design is a character of a lamington cake playfully bouncing in a cup of tea with a world of Lamington Brew bliss residing in the background.

Meowzers 1

Meowzers 2


This vinyl toy package was designed to be part of the toy rather than just another cardboard box to be thrown in garbage. Meowzers has four different kittens with their own personalities and their own homes to match. Each house has a rag rug, water and food bowl, litter box, toy mouse, and scratch post for the child to spend hours living the kitten life. Along with a resealable cover the house also has a handle extended from the roof to allow for easy travels.